4 Free Marketing Tools to Make Your Day

Looking for something new to add oomph to your marketing efforts?

Check out these 4 free tools that I love:

  1. referral key interfaceReferralKey: This new business networking platform allows you to attract new leads for your business by offering a bounty and having ReferralKey track the referrals for you. It’s kind of like a free, super-simple affiliate program of your very own. People probably regularly ask you for referrals for different service providers and you know professionals that you can genuinely recommend, and most likely everyone will be happy to pay a few dollars for a good word – including you. I bet LinkedIn is kicking itself that they didn’t think of this idea first! ReferralKey will import all your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Email contacts and notify your social networks (see image on right) so that you can invite everyone to send you referrals in exchange for the reward that you nominate. (You can even send them an Omaha steak as a thank-you – I wonder if they do kosher?) I just set up a profile and offered a referral fee of $30 to anyone who sends a paying advertiser or partner to MavenMall. You can connect with me via ReferralKey and set up your own profile. Let’s help each other out with lots of juicy referrals (if not juicy steaks)!
  2. Zopim: Plenty of research has shown that live chat increases website sales, but if you’ve never wanted to risk the time and money it takes to try live chat software out, then you should visit Zopim. Their lifetime free version has more than enough power for the average small business and it couldn’t be easier to install – no downloads or coding involved. You can even try it out on your site without signing up with just a click of a button. The dashboard is really fun to use to because it shows you who’s doing what on your site in real time. In fact it is kind of hard not to get obsessed with watching them move around your site, all the while wondering when is the right moment to pop out of your box and offer to help them. It feels kind of like stalking… otherwise known as sales! Check out Zopim!
  3. Help-A-Reporter-Out: This service sends out emails 3 times a day containing listings of reporters looking for “experts” to feature their stories. Many of them are working for mass-media publications and obviously getting quoted as their expert is fantastic free PR. It just takes a few seconds to scan the current offerings and see if any there are any PR opps for you. Even if there aren’t, you might find one for a colleague who you can help out by forwarding it to them. Visit HARO and sign up.YouTube video responses how to
  4. YouTube Video Responses: We’ve all heard how Videos are so awesome for Web marketing etc. But it’s not necessarily easy to know where to start, especially when there are already big guns dominating your niche on YouTube. In this case, it might be best do some Video Responses. You just need to find some popular videos on the subject of your choice, and then upload a related video of you responding. Your video will now show up right underneath or next to that mega-popular video which thousands or tens of thousands of people are viewing every day, week or month. And if people like that popular video and are looking for more, then there is a good chance that they will view your video response, giving you a chance to broadcast your message to targeted viewers. To upload a video response, click inside the comments field and the option will appear, as in the image on the right.

So that’s 4 free tools for you and if they didn’t exactly make your day, I hope that will find at least one of them useful for your business. For giving me tips 3 & 4, I want to thank George Giles of Agency4. George is a truly professional Internet Marketing consultant, and since he has a real understanding of the Orthodox Jewish market he’s been giving me some great tips in preparation for MavenMall’s relaunch.

Oh yeah… that’s right. I’m supposed to be working on MavenMall right now, which, with God’s help, it set to complete a huge upgrade with a new design and tons of new content and features within the week. LOTS of work to do.

Let me know what you think of these 4 cool tools!

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  1. says

    Good stuff Naomi! I had an ecommerce client use Zopim during the holiday season and it did wonders for their sales.

    I’m still experimenting with video responses – it’s really hit or miss if it will increase your views or not. Depends on the nowness of the video you’re posting on.

    HARO is awesome.

    And I’m still skeptical about ReferralKey. I hate the generic emails I get from people through it…

    Anyway, great review!

    • says

      That’s an important point that you make about the video responses – it’s important to choose videos that are currently popular – not ones that had a lot of views 4 years ago. When it comes to videos, you’re the woman! Thanks Margelit.

  2. says

    Wow Naomi, this is great stuff! I didn’t realize you were writing such well researched, useful… and entertaining blogs :) I just subscribed and look forward to more pearls of accumulated business and marketing wisdom. Keep up the great work!

  3. says

    P.S. As a journalist, I love HARO. When my article assignments fall outside the realm of my professional contacts, HARO inevitably supplies me with a fresh group of professionals who are more than eager to offer up their expertise. Reporters are often working on deadline and looking to minimize the time they have to spend digging up sources, so if you pitch them in response to such a HARO query, and its on the mark, they really appreciate it.

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