Would You Put This on Your Blog For $50?

For the first time ever, I just agreed to display sponsored “partner content” on this blog.


Mazal Tov! It’s a Widget!

My “partner” is Newsmax and you can see their news widget displayed in my sidebar.

When the biz dev guy  from NewMax contacted me last month and asked me to join their program, I was a little surprised. He mentioned that other leading Jewish sites that are displaying Newmax widgets, such as The Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, The Times of Israel, etc.

I was flattered that he considered My Parnasa to be playing in the major league. Yet I felt it only honest to inform him that this blog gets only a fraction of the traffic of those sites, which are among the top 10 Jewish News sites in the world.

Or as we smooth-talking marketers like to put it: this is a micro-niche site.

His response was simply:

I like your blog very much.

Now that kind of flattery is hard for any blogger to resist :).

So after some negotiations, Newsmax is paying me $50 a month to host that little widget. I can think of a few things I would do with an extra $600 pocket money in 2014.

When I installed the widget, I was relieved to see that it was focusing on US and Middle East news that my readers may find relevant, and not Hollywood gossip or other gross stuff that passes for news on the Web. In fact, the widget really seems to have made itself at home over there in the sidebar.

I’m interested to hear feedback from my readers as to how you feel about seeing this content on this site. Please take 1.7 seconds of your time to vote in this poll and let the world know your opinion on this important issue affecting Klal Yisrael. 

Meanwhile, if you have a blog with good traffic, maybe should see what Newsmax will offer you. You can apply to to join their publisher network.


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  1. Chava says

    I would like to clarify my vote by saying that having sponsored content has *potential* to go either way. If the “biz dev” guy *really* likes this site, he’ll make sure no inappropriate content gets into the widget, and they’ll be quick to respond to any complaints. All the best to you!

  2. says

    I have seen this around many of the Jewish sites including Yeshiva World. I think they base it on traffic and page views so the more you get the more they will pay you. Go Naomi!

  3. says

    Well that’s pushing it. They typically pay $.50 CPM which is $.50 per 1,000 page views. You can get $50 per 100,000 page views and I guess they are hoping you do that per month or maybe they paid you extra because of quality. The big Jewish news sites are not 1,000 times that but they can reach 100x times and get to 10,000,000 page views a month and earn $5,000/month “just for that widget”

    • says

      The idea that I could reach 100,000 views a month and yet advertisers would only expect to pay me $50 month for a big chunk of my ad real estate is rather depressing. I guess that’s why I’ve always been a fan of diversifying my monetization strategies!

      • says

        Well depends how you look at it. $.50 CPM is on the very low end. You are also not limited to just one spot. With that type of traffic you can count on some direct sales as well and the money can add up.

        • says

          Just let me know when you’re ready to write your guest post for this blog, “Everything You Need to Know About Jewish Advertising Online.” :)

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