Full Parshas HaMan Text

Today is a special day that could change our destiny.

This coming Shabbos we will read the Parshas BeShalach, which contains the verses known as the Parshas HaMan (the verses about the manna). It is a considered a segula for Parnasa to recite these verses on the Tuesday prior to Parshas BeShalach.

In plain English, that means we believe that G-d likes it when we read these verses today and He may choose to bless us with abundance as a result.

This is not a blog that deals much with segulos, but since this particular segula relates closely to our theme, I decided to include it.

It was Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Riminov who advised us to say the verses on this day on particular, reading the original Hebrew twice, and the Aramaic translation once.

However, the power of “Parshas HaMann” in general is noted in many halachic sources.

The Tur put is most simply when he wrote (in Orech Chaim A):

It’s good to recite the Parshas HaMan

I’ve copied the text for you to recite below.

Parshas HaMan Text:

Below is the Hebrew text twice, plus the Aramaic – perfect for reading for the segula today. Or you can read it with interlinear English translation, courtesy of Artscroll here.

parshas haman text

Thanks to Tefilot for the text!

May you be blessed to have bountiful Parnasa fall from the Heavens, just like the Mann!

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