A Blog Business Built on Love: Interview with Mara from “Kosher on a Budget”

Can you make a good living from blogging? Last week I shared the inside scoop on How Much Money I Make from Blogging. This week, I’m showing a different perspective.
Please welcome Mara Strom, the blogger behind Kosher on a Budget. Over the past 2.5 years, Mara has built up one of the most popular independent […]

What Works Better than Advertising?

Are you running a web business on a budget?
Are you struggling to get Exposure? Traffic? Customers? Sales?
It sounds like you are stuck in the old small-business Catch 22 – without advertising you can’t grow but if you don’t grow, you can’t afford advertising.
Yet consider the words of Robert Stephens, founder of GeekSquad:
If I had had […]

7 Jewish Businesswomen Who Inspire Me

There are a lot of people that I learn from in business, but the ones who inspire me most are those who I can identify with personally – fellow Orthodox Jewish women entrepreneurs. These are 7 extraordinary religious Jewish business women who have all played role inspiring my business approach.

Writing Careers: Can You Make Money?

Lots of people dream of being writers and having their words read by thousands of people.
Some writers even dream of getting paid for the blood, sweat and tears they expend over their writing.
If this is you, then you should consider the words of 5 successful writers living in Israel, who presented on a panel on “Career […]

My Best Afikomen Present for 2011

I saw this ad in Mishpacha Magazine‘s Pesach edition and it really hit home with me.
This is definitely not a mussar blog (i.e. no moral advice), but I wanted to put it here because I personally found it so meaningful. Ouch!
The artwork is by my favorite Israeli cartoonist, Yoni Greenstein, and I have actually seen this same cartoon elsewhere with a […]

Back to Business After Baby

I haven’t written here in a long while but I do have the best excuse in the world for my absence. Baruch Hashem I had a baby girl almost two months ago and I took a very nice break.
This time around I knew I wanted to handle the after-birth work re-entry differently then with my […]