How to Write for Jewish Publications… and Get Paid for Every Word

There’s been a lot of discussion on the web lately about writing for free. Even top-tier successful publications now sometimes expect professional writers to provide their content for free. A writer submitting to Jewish Publications faces this issue just as much as anyone else.
I invited Rebecca Klempner, an accomplished writer who’s by-line I seem to see all over the place.  I asked Rebecca to share

Employed in Israel? Don’t Miss Free Money

Update for May 2014: After I wrote this post in 2013, quite a few people told me that it helped them to get this grant. I’ve now updated the dates for 2014. All other details remain the same.
You know that I love to help people with their Parnasa.
Usually that is a rather long process, involving tiresome words like marketing, cash-flow, and LinkedIn.
But here is a tip

A Different Perspective on Making a Parnasa

Need to boost your cash flow? Parnasa worries casting a cloud over your summer vacation?
Allow me to share a surefire way to put more money in your pocket this very month – ninety-eight-and-three-quarters percent guaranteed
And No:

It’s not an info product teaching you how to make piles of money online
It’s not a segula that involves donations and the tombs of tzaddikim
It’s not a pirated copy of

Scientific Proof that All Entrepreneurs Are Meshuggah

This is not exactly a secret, at least not to those people who live with entrepreneurs.
And in our moments of clarity, we admit it to ourselves.
We entrepreneurs tend to do a lot of risky, not-quite-rational things that could qualify us as crazy.
But did you know that this has been scientifically proven?
The curious habits of entrepreneurs is one of the many fascinating areas of research explored

My Latest Failed Business Venture

Six months ago, I launched a micro-farming business.
What I mean by that is that we got two white hens.
A neighbor offered them to us for free, and I thought it would be  fun to get fresh, free-range eggs every day. I was a little nervous and also excited as I carried them home in a quivering cardboard box last November.
We built them a coop, fed