How to Write for Jewish Publications… and Get Paid for Every Word

There’s been a lot of discussion on the web lately about writing for free. Even top-tier successful publications now sometimes expect professional writers to provide their content for free. A writer submitting to Jewish Publications faces this issue just as much as anyone else.
I invited Rebecca Klempner, an accomplished writer who’s by-line I seem to [...]

Employed in Israel? Don’t Miss Free Money

You know that I love to help people with their Parnasa.
Usually that is a rather long process, involving tiresome words like marketing, cash-flow, and LinkedIn.
But here is a tip that could help you get a super-easy parnasa boost  (at least for Israel residents in a particular income bracket).
The Israeli Income Tax Authority is offering cash [...]

A Different Perspective on Making a Parnasa

Need to boost your cash flow? Parnasa worries casting a cloud over your summer vacation?
Allow me to share a surefire way to put more money in your pocket this very month – ninety-eight-and-three-quarters percent guaranteed
And No:

It’s not an info product teaching you how to make piles of money online
It’s not a segula that involves [...]

Scientific Proof that All Entrepreneurs Are Meshuggah

This is not exactly a secret, at least not to those people who live with entrepreneurs.
And in our moments of clarity, we admit it to ourselves.
We entrepreneurs tend to do a lot of risky, not-quite-rational things that could qualify us as crazy.
But did you know that this has been scientifically proven?
The curious habits of entrepreneurs [...]

My Latest Failed Business Venture

Six months ago, I launched a micro-farming business.
What I mean by that is that we got two white hens.
A neighbor offered them to us for free, and I thought it would be  fun to get fresh, free-range eggs every day. I was a little nervous and also excited as I carried them home in a [...]

A Blog Business Built on Love: Interview with Mara from “Kosher on a Budget”

Can you make a good living from blogging? Last week I shared the inside scoop on How Much Money I Make from Blogging. This week, I’m showing a different perspective.
Please welcome Mara Strom, the blogger behind Kosher on a Budget. Over the past 2.5 years, Mara has built up one of the most popular independent [...]