Free Preview of My WordPress Online Course

Today, Sunday, I start my online course, Learn WordPress and Build a Website
Are you wondering what it’s like to learn with me? Feeling that you could never do anything so geeky and cool as build your own website? Wondering what Dr. Seuss has to do with learning WordPress?
I’ve decided to give you a taste by making the 12-minute intro video available to you for free. Watch it now below:

Like what

4 Solid Reasons You Should Buy Today

Let’s call her Hannah Haberman.
She’s my client and I’m building a website for her personal brand. So obviously the most appropriate domain name for her site is In fact, it’s pretty much the only suitable domain for her site, which is all about her ideas, books and projects.
But when I checked the availability of that domain, I was annoyed to discover that the domain was already

Build Your Own WordPress Website – Jerusalem Workshop

Do you want a professional website or blog?
Don’t want to pay someone $1,000+ and get taken for a ride?
Want to be able to maintain your website yourself and have total control?
Want to add in-demand “WordPress Skills” to your resume?

The Jerusalem Hub presents a 2-part hands-on, self-directed beginners WordPress training program for women, on Monday mornings, September 8 and September 15
Come away with a professional site

Court Rules: Israelis Must Collect VAT for Google Adsense Income

After consulting with another accountant and attorney, the content of this article should be considered uncomfirmed.
If this topic is relevant for you, sign up for updates and I’ll let you know when I get a final answer from my contacts.
Israelis who make money with Google Adsense will now have to collect VAT on all payments they receive from Google, the Israel Income Tax Authority (Mas

How I Built My Business from Less Than Zero: An Interview with Tali Tarlow

Recently someone asked me what’s the easiest way to start a successful web-based business with low-risk?
My answer was not what she was expecting.
But before I tell you what I advised her, I’d like to present an interview with someone who has done just that: built a successful business in a relatively short time from zero with zero initial financial risks.
Please give a warm welcome to