The Top 11 Orthodox Jewish Websites in the World

The Jewish web has being growing fast in the past 5 years, and that includes in the Orthodox sector.
Since I receive many queries from people interested in this sector, I decided to create a list of the top sites in various niches of this market. The list has three purposes:

To help businesses who are searching […]

Times of Israel Bloggers: Are You Getting Paid?

Have you ever been to a conference that cost $2.5 million to stage?
I have… just last week.
The Israeli President’s Conference in Jerusalem, known as the “Tomorrow” conference, was a dazzling no-expense-spared spectacle; a star-studded whos-who of Israel, the Jewish world and beyond. The conference organizers actively courted bloggers such as myself to attend the event, […]

99 VIPs in One Day: My Take on Kishor Conference 2012

If you’re like most people, this is what you do when you’re considering going to a conference…
You spend time looking over the program, the speakers and the topics, and these are the main factors that helps you decide whether to attend. Am I right?
The problem with this is that is overlooks the fact that while […]

Is Your Website Clean for Pesach?

During a recent Website cleaning spree, I found a giant glob of chametz. But getting rid of it wasn’t so simple!
Picture this: Seder night has arrived.
The whole house is spotless: the curtains have been dry-cleaned; the linen closet organized alphabetically; and the kids’ bikes doused with bleach.
The only problem is that in the dining room, […]

What Works Better than Advertising?

Are you running a web business on a budget?
Are you struggling to get Exposure? Traffic? Customers? Sales?
It sounds like you are stuck in the old small-business Catch 22 – without advertising you can’t grow but if you don’t grow, you can’t afford advertising.
Yet consider the words of Robert Stephens, founder of GeekSquad:
If I had had […]

Israel’s Government Just Gave Me This Free Website

Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment today announced that it will be giving small businesses in Israel free websites, including domain name, use of an easy website builder tool, and free web hosting for a year.
The initiative, entitled “Asakim Online” (Businesses Online), has the mission “to grant 20,000 small businesses like yours the necessary […]