How to Make a Million Blogging for the Times of Israel

Let’s take a trip back in time.
Today is April 3, 2012. (Ah, the good old days!)
For most of us it was an unremarkable day. But not so for Fred Goldbergstein.
On that day, Fred had something to say. Fred had an extremely important message that he wanted to broadcast to the wider Jewish world. Fred felt that many people could be positively influenced by his views,

A Mildly Interesting Blog Post About the Temech Conference

This Monday was the culmination of one of the most transformative experiences of my life.
That was the day of the Temech Conference for Women in Business, of which I was the main organizer.
It was a full-day event at the Ramada Hotel in Jerusalem that attracted close to 500 women, participating in 2 separate tracks: Hebrew and English.
It was only a month ago that I was

Would You Like a Side of Bacon with Your Matza?

Imagine this dreamy situation…
One fine day, for no particular reason, all your clients who owe you money, suddenly pay you.
On top of that, those people who you have worked for but not yet reached payment date, also pay you for all work you have performed.
And then, all the people who have placed orders but you haven’t delivered the goods yet, also decided to pay you