Add Shabbat Candle-Lighting Times to Your Website

One of things I love about building WordPress websites is that pretty much any feature you can dream of is already available as a free plugin – no geeky coding skills necessary.
For example, if you are running a Jewish-themed website, it can be a nice touch to list Shabbat candle lighting times on your website. What […]

How I Use Facebook Without Using Facebook

This Sunday morning, as I crash-landed from three days on Planet Rosh Hashana, my wonderful friend Leah Aharoni announced that, following a lot of reflection over the holiday, she had made a resolution for the New Year:
She wanted to get off Facebook.
I told her that I understood that since I had made a similar decision […]

How I Succeeded in 5774 – My Rosh Hashana Review

I love to begin the New Year with a really luscious New Fruit.
This Rosh Hashana, I am looking forward to a special New Fruit experience. We will eat the pomelos from our tree for the first time ever and say a shechiyanu blessing.
Some of my readers may recall that this pomelo tree caused me dilemmas […]

How I Found Inner Peace in this Time of War

There is a war raging here in Israel.
Though we’re blessedly removed from the front line here in Jerusalem, I can’t escape the images of destruction that dominate the big TV screen when I enter a store; nor the constant talk of rockets raining down on Israel’s biggest cities; nor the procession of visitors coming too […]

What Jewish Women Want from a Business Conference

Has this ever happened to you:
You hear about a business event that sounds right up your alley. Even though the timing, location and/or pricing don’t really work for you, you make the effort to go.
You put on your good shaitel or tie or t-shirt or whatever you call “dressed to impress.”
You get there.
And then…
Let’s just […]

The Secret Ecstasy of Business Failure

Let me tell you a really great, old Jewish story.
Over 200 years ago, there lived a Rabbi. He was a great Torah scholar and a Rosh Yeshiva, and he was also a wealthy man. He owned a lumber business and a ship that transported the lumber down the river. It was a very lucrative industry in […]