What Jewish Women Want from a Business Conference

Has this ever happened to you:
You hear about a business event that sounds right up your alley. Even though the timing, location and/or pricing don’t really work for you, you make the effort to go.
You put on your good shaitel or tie or t-shirt or whatever you call “dressed to impress.”
You get there.
And then…
Let’s just [...]

The Secret Ecstasy of Business Failure

Let me tell you a really great, old Jewish story.
Over 200 years ago, there lived a Rabbi. He was a great Torah scholar and a Rosh Yeshiva, and he was also a wealthy man. He owned a lumber business and a ship that transported the lumber down the river. It was a very lucrative industry in [...]

The Best of Erev Pesach

It’s the 4th Pesach of My Parnasa, so I decided to take a magical history tour back through my Pesach Posts over the years. Here are three interesting ones that I found:
In 2013, we had the somewhat infamous: Would You Like a Side of Bacon With Your Matza?
That one explored my discovery that I was [...]

Springtime’s Here and Business is Blooming

Growing a business is a lot like growing a cucumber.
I know because I do both!
Let’s take a stroll around my garden, and see how my various ventures are surviving and thriving at the height of springtime.
Just Say No to Potential
Our Pomelo tree is laden with flowers right now. Each one has the potential to grown [...]

Sometimes I Feel Like a Money-Hungry Hypocrite

Today I’m excited to announce an exciting new feature on My Parnasa!
But first, let’s talk about my feelings of hypocrisy.
Here’s the scoop…
Lots of people contact me to ask my business and marketing advice. They hear about me from my blog or conferences or word of mouth. They know that I am really into helping people with [...]

Winning the Win-Win Game: Me & FreshBiz

I’ve often thought that running a business feels like a game, but I never played a game that felt like running a business.
Until last week, when I played FreshBiz.
FreshBiz is a board game invented by some Israeli entrepreneurs that is promoted as “Changing the way you play business and life,” and the inventors were offering a [...]