What Works Better than Advertising?

Are you running a web business on a budget?

Are you struggling to get Exposure? Traffic? Customers? Sales?

It sounds like you are stuck in the old small-business Catch 22 – without advertising you can’t grow but if you don’t grow, you can’t afford advertising.

Yet consider the words of Robert Stephens, founder of GeekSquad:

If I had had money when I started out, I never would have learned that advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable.

Anyone can market themselves effectively on a shoestring budget in today’s age of emerging and powerful alternatives for online marketing. There are tools out there that work better than advertising. Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Videos and many other tools can ramp up your business – for little or no money!

But can you make these tools work for your business?

Announcing a NEW Seminar:

Better than Advertising: Web Marketing Tactics that Work

Presented by Naomi Elbinger: Content Marketer, Entrepreneur and the Parnasa Activist behind MyParnasa.com

Naomi’s presentation on Web marketing was chock full of ideas that gave me direction of how I could use the Internet to market my business. She showed me new twists on more traditional ideas and new innovative ways that I had never considered. Naomi is very organized and practical and I would recommended her course to anyone who wants to increase their web presence.

Kerry Bar-Cohn AKA Rebbetzin Tap

This seminar has been held LIVE in Jerusalem, and is now available as a video for instant download.

What is Better than Advertising?

This Seminar will answer your essential web marketing questions, including:

  • What can I do NOW to get more exposure and leads ASAP without spending tons of time or money?
  • What is the most effective way to spend my limited web marketing budget? And what should I do if I have NO marketing budget?
  • Is it worthwhile to promote my business on Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Google Plus? Pinterest?
  • How do I get name recognition, without spending on ads or pitching myself to reporters?
  • How can I get quickly learn the basics of Web Marketing so that I can avoid costly mistakes?

Naomi guided me in the direction that I needed. Naomi is extremely creative and educated in numerous ways and she weaves an entire picture and goal. What makes her presentation so great is that she understands the problems small organizations face and offers practical solutions to those issues.

Yehuda Azoulay, Founder, Sephardic Legacy Series

Naomi understands the “in’s and out’s” of small businesses. She is a marketing genius, but explains things so simply that anyone can put her ideas into practice. I recommend any small business interested in expanding their market to check out Naomi’s presentation!

Batya Sherizen – Batya the Baby Coach

Do you want to take your earnings to the next level, by harnessing the power of web marketing for your business?

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COUPON: Buy now and use the limited time coupon code: “parnasa” for a 15% discount on all packages.


Want a sneak peak at the Better Than Advertising video? Watch a 2-minute preview:

If you’re looking to market your website or business, you should talk to Naomi Elbinger. She’s brimming with ideas for using social media marketing, affiliate sales, advertising, content writing, blogging to help you reach your customers and clients. She loves what she does and she’ll have you loving it too.

Hannah Katsman, IBCLC
A Mother in Israel: The Cutting Edge of Israeli Parenting
CookingManager.com: Helping Home Cooks Save Time and Money

Naomi’s advice was instrumental in helping me getting interactions with fans on my Facebook fanpage.

Yitz Lefkowitz, Co-Founder, TheShuk

Are you looking for a super simple introduction to Web Marketing as a way to promote your business, product, service or cause?

[price_table id=809]COUPON: Buy now and use the limited time coupon code: "parnasa" for a 15% discount on all packages.

COUPON: Buy now and use the limited time coupon code: “parnasa” for a 15% discount on all packages.


Got Questions? Here are some answers

Q: Is this seminar/video for me?

A: This seminar/video is ideal for you if you loosely fit into one of these categories:

  • A small business owner who wants to make more sales, with a limited marketing budget
  • An independent service provider or professional looking to attract more clients
  • Someone considering starting a business who is researching marketing
  • An owner of an offline business who is considering establishing a Web presence

Q: Who are you again?

A: My name is Naomi Elbinger, and I’m a mother of three, living in Jerusalem. But that’s probably not the info you were looking for, right? I’m also a web marketer, entrepreneur and Parnasa activist. I am the Co-Founder of MavenMall and Owner of Heritage Translations. I’m also also a freelance marketing consultant, specializing in content marketing. I guess I’m a busy woman, but I still make time to write this blog, MyParnasa.com. Helping people find their Parnasa is my real passion. (Parnasa is Hebrew for livelihood… in a spiritual kind of way)

Q: What’s the advantage of the live seminar, rather than just watching the video?

A: The video is a comprehensive introduction to the topic. The main advantage of the seminar is that you get to ask questions about your particular goals and the presentation will be more tailored to the needs of participants. In addition, you will network with a great group of professional women, eat cookies and be inspired!

Q: I don’t know much about the Web or technology. Will I understand your presentation?

A: This seminar is suitable for people who are beginners to moderately experienced Web marketers.

Q: Will this presentation show me how to make tons of fast cash online?

A: Ummm… I wish. This video is for people who have a specific product, service or message that they want to promote effectively online. This can have a major impact on your revenues for a relatively small investment.

Q: What’s your accent?

A: Ah… my most frequent FAQ! I grew up in Sydney, Australia, but after 10 years in Israel, my accent has gotten a little interesting!

Q: I want in! Can I have a discount?

A: For you, of course! Just use a coupon code, if you can find one on this page!

Are you ready to invest in your business success now???

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COUPON: Buy now and use the limited time coupon code: “parnasa” for a 15% discount on all packages. 


Still not sure? Good, because I have lots more testimonials and it would be a shame to waste them!

Naomi is an extremely talented & intelligent internet marketing professional. She is well thought out, articulate and experienced. I value her expertise and always gain valuable knowledge from reading her articles and hearing her presentations. I often recommend her websites and presentations to my clients who want grow the internet marketing/social media aspects of their business.

Shoshana Raff, Personal Business Coach, The Kosher Workaholic/The Kosher Shopaholic

I found Naomi Elbinger’s material very relevant and on target; she knows what she is talking about and presents it quite well. Her information is useful to all kinds of people and she is clear and helpful in whatever she presents.

Tamar Ansh, ATasteofChallah.com

Naomi Elbinger has an amazing grasp on current web marketing trends and provides a wellspring of ideas to help market a client’s business. Whether for social media management, copy-writing, blogging, or just some good ol’ advice, Naomi is on my list of people to turn to.

Shai Atanelov, BigtimeWireless.com

I came to Naomi’s presentation on free methods to do publicity and marketing on the internet expecting to get a list, which I did, but I also got something way beyond that, which was to consider the medium in totally different ways.
Naomi’s presentation shows how one can move, step by step, into and through the world of internet tools, choose the ones that suit you and start to build platforms at your own pace that suit your business.
Naomi is very business savvy, but she is also a young mother, and observant Jew and seeing how she combines her family and religious values with an enviable business presence was inspiring. And I’m not used to being THAT inspired by people so much younger than me! But beyond that, Naomi will give you the skills to take your own values and find ways to realize them on the internet so that you control your exposure there yourself.
Naomi has lots of energy but is also approachable. Since her presentation I’ve done more of my own on-line research, followed many of the tips she offers on her blog and phoned her for advice.
In addition, Naomi’s blog posts are read by some very high power business minds – the response section of her blog is almost as valuable as the blog post itself.
So if you have a business, have an idea for a business, are wondering what the internet is all about or if you already have an internet presence and were just curious what else you could do with it, Naomi’s presentation will give you more than you bargained for.
Judy Montel – Violinist/Independent Musician

Naomi Elbinger has a real knack for presenting technical material, even to non-techies, in an interesting, user-friendly and simple style. I needed guidance on how to use my website and begin marketing it. I had expected it would take some time for me to get the idea, but Naomi made things so straightforward and simple that I was ready to get started in less than five minutes. Naomi is definitely the one to contact for all your internet and marketing needs – I highly recommend her

Brocha Speyer, Hebrew-English Translator at SP Translate

OK, I think I’m done promoting this seminar for now.

I hope that you will join me and that your business will be forever enriched as a result!

Take care,


PS. Got Questions about the seminar? Contact me.

PSS. I have downloaded my brain into this presentation and spruced it up with lots of entertaining visuals and practical examples. And in case you are still not sure it’s for you, I offer a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee on this seminar. If you feel that it’s not helpful for you, just let me know within 7 days and I’ll gladly refund your money.

That should make your decision pretty easy, right

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COUPON: Buy now and use the limited time coupon code: “parnasa” for a 15% discount on all packages.



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    Hi Naomi
    I just watched your ‘What Works Better Than Advertising?’ video and it was fantastic, so relevant to my line of work
    You definitely inspired me to get on with learning custom WordPress themes!
    Thanks so much!

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