Free Preview of My WordPress Online Course

Today, Sunday, I start my online course, Learn WordPress and Build a Website
Are you wondering what it’s like to learn with me? Feeling that you could never do anything so geeky and cool as build your own website? Wondering what Dr. Seuss has to do with learning WordPress?
I’ve decided to give you a taste by making the 12-minute intro video available to you for free. Watch it now below:

Like what

How to Make a Good Living – and a Great Life – as a Freelancer

Do you ever dream of having the freedom to do work you love in the hours and location that suits you?
I don’t know many people who don’t like the sound of that. And it happens that the rise of popularity of the freelance lifestyle has coincided with increased demand for freelance workers, rather than traditional salaried employees.
It’s win-win!
Ummm… except when it’s not. Many people who