About Naomi Elbinger

If you clicked on this page, I guess that means that you are somewhat curious to learn more about me, Naomi Elbinger, Blogger-in-Chief here at My Parnasa: The Jewish Business Blog:

Naomi Elbinger is an entrepreneur with a job.

About Naomi the Project Manager

Naomi builds beautiful websites and manages web marketing campaigns as part of the wonderful team at illuminea, one of Israel’s best-known web development and marketing companies.

Naomi derives immense satisfaction from her job and loves helping people make sense of their web presence.

If you would like to discuss a web development or marketing project, contact Naomi

About Naomi the Entrepreneur

Naomi is a long-time entrepreneur who has built many ambitious ventures over the past 10 years, including:

  • A Hebrew translation business whose major clients included the Supreme Court of Israel and the Joint Distribution Committee
  • An intensive translator training program with 18 students
  • An internationally success Yiddish Translation business (which she still runs)
  • A kosher catering company
  • A Web Marketing Consultancy
  • A popular publication for Jews in business (AKA this blog)

Naomi also coordinated the 2013 Temech Conference for Women in Business, which attracted over 450 participants.

Besides all these awesomely successful ventures, Naomi has also started some projects that failed miserably but, like most people, she doesn’t talk about them on her “About” page :).

Naomi is now working on an exciting new venture TBA. Stay tuned!


Naomi grew up in Sydney, Australia, and now lives in Jerusalem with her husband, Rabbi Shmuel Elbinger, and children.

The Mission of this Blog:

  • Integrity – always comes first
  • To help others to think outside the box about their opportunities for parnasa
  • To encourage reflection on what it means to be a believing Jew in business in this era
  • To provide sincerely helpful information about web marketing, with no hidden agendas

Parnasa” is Hebrew for livelihood. If you know anything about Judaism, you know that we consider helping others earn a living to be a spiritual pursuit and the highest form of charity.

It is my goal and my prayer that this blog will help me achieve my goals.

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