Know Exactly Who’s Reading Your Emails and When

I am not not a spy, but sometimes I feel like one. Especially since I started using a really neat tool in my gmail a few months ago.

It’s called Signals and its main function is telling you more about how people interact with the emails you send. A little desktop alert pops up when they open them, telling you how often and when they click on a link inside your email. It’s kind of like lite email marketing software for your regular emails.


My email open rate for the last week is looking pretty healthy

When I installed it, I thought it was just schticky way to get information about other people that I don’t really need. The reality is that it’s not critical to me to have this info about the vast majority of my emails. Yet I’ve since found that Signals has been very useful to me in a few business situations and I now would not want to be without it.

For example, I knew that an old client was obviously actively considering an offer I made to them a while ago, as they suddenly reopened the last email I sent to them (6 weeks ago) several times in one day. This alerted me that this was a good time to get back in touch with them.

Now that I am about to launch a big PR campaign for a client, I expect that Signals will let me know which of the emails that I’m sending to influencers and VIPs are actually being opened, read, and considered.

The basic service is forever free, though they give you a free 1-month trial of their full service when you sign up with my link. After that, you go back to the basic service, which is probably all you need.

Give Signals a try.

Wishing you a great day,


PS. Using software to track email interactions is definitely not spying, but it does feel a little bit that way to know more about what other people are doing than they realize you know. But now the whole world knows that I use Signals, so I guess my career in espionage is over!

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